Preserving Chicago’s Heritage- Try Reclaimed Wood

Learn how to reclaim your home design by utilizing aged wood and repurposed furniture.

A new trend gaining traction in the home, from kitchen remodels to master bedrooms, is reclaiming wood or repurposing furniture. Not only is this trend “green”, it literally is recycling a resource that has already been made instead of buying new or throwing away the old, but it also provides a distinct look to your home design.

Aged wood fits in well to both contemporary and traditional spaces by bringing history to the design whether it’s a piece that is tied to your family or not.

This trend is unique because no two pieces will be alike and wood will be linked to their natural homes. For example, wood that is reclaimed from the Southern Lake Michigan area will differ from wood that is found in the Skokie area.

When using reclaimed resources, you benefit from a durability that harkens back to a time when materials where crafted with great care and were more resistant to mold and insects.

The way that you can incorporate reclaimed materials varies from sliding barn doors to repurposed furniture to accent pieces.

Recycled Doors

These doors add so much character, especially within a kitchen remodel. In a kitchen, many people want to create the atmosphere of the warm, inviting hearth that encourages guests to sit down, talk and eat.

Through the incorporation in your kitchen, the history of these doors will create the stability of an established home built on history.

Repurposed Furniture

This is where a piece of antique furniture, either from your family or a neat find at a garage sale, can still give you utility and design in your home. This kind of an addition is special because you can maintain the history of a piece and celebrate its history by using it in your everyday life.

Reclaimed Wood

Another way to incorporate the trend is through aged wood. Through salvaged pieces of wood, you can add beautiful ceiling beams or use them as an accent throughout your home. This can add great visual interest. We have had many homeowners whom have went to a salvage yard and found wood beams that they wanted to use in their remodel.

Some of the wood was used over the stove and another piece was used to put the finishing touch on their living room fireplace. Additionally the homeowners recycled their old kitchen cabinets and use them for the wet bar in the basement.

If you’re starting a remodel and are confused about where you can start with your design, consider if reclaiming wood and using furniture speaks to your aesthetics. If it does, you may be on your way to creating a space that speaks not only to your own history, but that of the world around you.

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