4 Ways to Add Oomph To Your New Remodeled Kitchen!.

You’ve got your brand new kitchen from S.N. Peck Builders , but now you’re left with the task of decorating it. If inspiration is what you need you’re reading the right article. We’ve put together 4 inexpensive ways to add the final touch to your new kitchen remodel.

Believe it or not the most noticeable changes in the kitchen involve the walls, this is because we tend to see things at eye level first. Walk into your kitchen, and look straight forward, what’s the first thing you see?

When it comes to decorating the kitchen countertop, we tend to think the decorations are the most looked at, while the walls are often times forgotten. Updating your kitchen wall décor with easy design changes will make a large visual impact. Here are a few ideas you may want to try:

  • Add some flare- Paint your walls. The key to making your kitchen look great is following the three-color palette. The three-color palette consists of using a current kitchen color to match your cabinets and counter top, then a second neutral choice that complements your counter tops and cabinets serving as a backdrop. The third color should be used as a statement piece making your kitchen really stand out.
  • Think about a focal point- A focal point stands out, it’s the first thing you see when you walk into your kitchen. Make your focal point visually tasteful. You could paint your focal wall using a vibrant color, a piece of wall art, or wallpaper.
  • Create a gallery wall- Creating a gallery wall isn’t as hard as it may sound. Make a gallery wall by creating your own art using different shapes, non-traditional art, and throw in some new and old elements. Start with symmetry, keep a color palette, organize your art pieces, and use a variety of hanging styles to mix up the look.
  • Put your walls to use- Spray some chalkboard paint on your walls as an inexpensive way to add a backdrop. Use the chalkboard wall to write down the dinner menu or jot down a note.

Whatever decorating choices you may choose remember to keep things cohesive with a coordinating element.